(Class of 2020)

This page provides a resource hub of program information, specific to your class as a Kemper Scholar.

Please utilize the sections below to inform your decisions and preparation for your senior year, preparations for post-grad, and tasks due throughout the fall and spring semesters.


Reminders and goals work

Kemper Scholars Program Tasks (“Follow Up”)

Throughout each year in the program, you will be asked to complete various tasks.

These tasks are required and accessible via the online portal. If a Kemper Scholar misses three task deadlines, they will be put on probation from the Program. Five missed task deadlines will result in removal from the Program, foregoing all scholarship, internship and mentorship (and, as a senior, foregoing your Senior Launch Award).

Please refer to the timeline included here for what to expect as far as workflow around these tasks:

Fall Tasks [Due Sep 30]

  • SMART Goals Fall Y3
  • Scheduling call with Foundation staff
  • Annual Resume Submission and LinkedIn Review

Winter Tasks [Due Feb 10]

  • SMART Goals Spring Y3
  • Scheduling meeting with Foundation staff on campus (work with your Campus Coordinator–this will be sometime in February or March)
  • Grade Report
  • Senior Survey + Post Program Contact Info

Summer Tasks [Due Jun 15]

  • Grade Report
  • Update Post Program Contact Info with last changes
  • Update Foundation staff with final post-grad plans and next steps



Post-grad Plans

Foundation staff is happy to support you in navigating your post-grad plans in any ways we can.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Jerry or Jenn with questions, and please keep us updated on your confirmed post-grad offers and plans.

Helpful resources and reads

The links below provide articles and information that can help you think through your short and long term goals in your career planning and path. Also remember to keep an eye on the Kemper Scholars LinkedIN group for useful information and updates, even beyond your time in the program.